Sleep Training

For moms and dads tired of sleeping on the edge of the bed, let me help you get your children into a good routine of falling asleep and staying asleep in their own beds! No crazy methods involved, just ones that work for you and your child!
PS: Follow through from the parent and carers are very important here!

I’ll show you how to settle your baby for a nap or night time sleep, as well as what to do when baby wakes up, how to settle baby back to sleep, and all the proper conditions that need to be met for baby to learn good sleeping habits from the start. One day/night with me could be all you need!

Babies and small children;
After hearing and seeing what goes down at night, and why you feel you need some guidance with your child’s sleeping, I’ll check that the proper sleeping conditions are met, and then start applying different methods to get your child sleeping in their own bed all night, until something works. Trust me; I’m good at this! 🙂


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  1. My gosh! I never received this email from you! Only came across it now doing some work on my website! I’m so sorry. Are things in order with your child’s bedtime routine now or are you still needing help?

    Maternity nurse and sleep trainer

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