2018 Rates



2,500 NOK Per Night

7pm to 7am

Normally 1 to 3 nights required depending on the child and the follow up given by the parent.


200 NOK per hour

October to April: 7pm to 7am

May to September : 10pm -7am

Can be any length of time. 5-6 nights a week for as long as you need. Twice a week for as long as you need. Anything is possible as long as I’m not already booked.


250 NOK per hour

9am to 4pm

1-2 Hour Consultation Only

500 NOK

(Consultation only is used when you want to skype, or chat about sleep routines before baby is born etc.  Consultation not necessary if you want any sleep/day/routine training as I do that on arrival as part of the service )

If weekend DAY work is accepted on weekends as well as Public Holidays @ 300 NOK per hour

Travel expenses outside of  Oslo Zone 1 one to be covered by client.

Away Rates = 500 NOK per day
(7am-7pm when traveling with baby. Any care needed during these hours incur additional fees. (Hourly rates apply).
Food, accommodation and transportation within the scope of service to be provided during travel




One thought on “2018 Rates

  1. Hi Emma

    Why don’t I just come in for 4 nights and sleep train the babies? That’s much better than just getting a few nights of help, and much better value for your money. I am off course willing to help on a weekly basis as well.

    Where is your friend located?

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