I am a 35 year old, UK qualified maternity practitioner, with 17 years of international nanny, aupair, baby and twin baby experience.

I have lived and worked in the USA, Malaysia, UK, Bosnia, Croatia, Spain, Norway, and South Africa. Now I am living in Oslo, Norway again.

As a night nurse/maternity nurse, I offer guidance and advice with setting up your baby’s day time routines, when to eat, when to sleep, what to do the rest of the time….. a routine that works for you as well as your baby.  As a sleep trainer, I will teach you how to get your baby to sleep at night, and things to do or not to do when baby wakes up! I also help with older children’s sleeping routines. When it’s simply sleep you need, I take over the night time routine of the baby. I can either stay in the baby’s room or in a guest room with a baby monitor. I listen for when the baby wakes up, do bottle feedings of powder or breast milk, and settle the baby back to sleep. Dirty nappies are changed, but interaction or stimulation is kept to a minimum. Advice on establishing good night time routines are offered, and moms and dads are welcome to pick my brain on anything they may have questions about, as I love to share the knowledge I have gained from years of experience!
I work from 7 pm in winter and 10pm in summer as a night nurse, and 7pm as a sleep trainer. My shift for both ends at 7 am.
Minimum 8 hrs per night.
I am currently available any night of the week. If I am already fully booked for the week then I will allow weekend bookings. I don’t mind last minute bookings, but if you call on the day you need me, I might not be available, so calling ahead is recommended.
 Currently the only way to contact me is at deshaine@gmail.com